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NPL has a strong reputation of superior performance in a tough, challenging industry. We don't stand still. We're always looking to improve, to do an even better job of providing customers with high-quality, best-cost solutions.



Job supports skilled and journey-level positions in all phases of outside work, and assists in operating a variety of pneumatic tools (jack hammers, drills, cutting tools and the like). No experience with these tools? Don’t worry, we’ll train you. Personal-safety equipment? We’ll supply your hard hat, safety vest, gloves and eye and toe protection.

Where do you go from being a laborer? Whether on-the-job or, in some cases, in an accelerated classroom setting, we’ll train you on becoming a fuser (that’s the person who joins pipe and fittings – and then conducts tests to make sure they don’t leak).


Job supports our traffic-control and barricading business, and is key to assuring motorist safety as well as protecting our crews while working roadside or in the street. No experience is required. We’ll furnish your training and certain safety equipment.

Asphalt Pavers

When we’re finished installing a pipeline in the street or roadway, our asphalt crews will restore the thoroughfare (operating lutes, ride-on rollers and walk-behind rollers). Again, no experience is required. We’ll train you, and will supply certain personal-safety equipment.


We put pipe in the ground – joining pipe and fittings. Our installed piping conveys natural-gas or serves as a conduit for cabling (wire or fiber-optic as examples, all with a variety of uses). We have two positions performing this task:


Who typically work with hard plastics or similar resins

Welders and plumbers

Who’ll work with steel piping

With either position, certification by a natural-gas company is required. Trained but not yet certified? We’ll assist. And again, we’ll provide your hard hat, safety vest, gloves and eye and toe protection.

Putting pipe in the ground requires that we dig trenches or otherwise excavate earth, and we transport a great deal of earth-moving equipment and material. We look to our equipment operators and CDL drivers to perform those functions.

Equipment Operators

Must be able to operate various types of power construction equipment (including backhoes, dozers, trenchers, and directional drills, and to read and understand blueprints.

CDL drivers

Must be able to operate various types of motor vehicles (single- and tandem-axle) for transporting equipment and materials. A commercial driver’s license is required.

Once a tradesman at NPL, what’s next? We look to our skilled trades as a source for crewleaders and foremen.


Plans and manages each construction project to which his/her crew is assigned, establishing and adjusting work sequences to meet project schedule. Generally accountable for all aspects of each project (including safety, quality and completion on time and within budget). Must have no less than two years’ experience in underground construction, and must be knowledgeable of applicable codes and regulations. Leadership is essential in getting all crews to achieve stretch goals related to productivity, and to perform safely with requisite quality.

Please note: A valid driver's license is required for Crewmen/Foremen, Equipment Operators and CDL Drivers. Bilingual English/Spanish is a strong plus for all supervisory positions. All candidates will be drug tested.
NPL is an equal opportunity employer and offers a drug-free environment.

If interested in joining a proven winner with industry-competitive compensation and benefits (including medical), please contact us. When doing so, please let us know the job and location for which you wish to be considered.