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NPL’s workforce consists of craft professionals – people whose skills were developed through stable work and the daily challenge of getting the job done – Safely. With Quality and Craftsmanship.

Work safe. Work smart. That’s the NPL way.

Taking care of your crew . . .

Diego, an NPL employee for three years, works hard to be a good boss, knowing it goes well for everyone if he does so.

“I take care of my crew. My crew takes care of me,” he explains. And while he’s the boss, he sees his role as “hands on” support as opposed to “top down” command.

“We’re on a team together . . . I don’t care about titles – it’s about fulfilling your role. We’re here to get the same job done together.”

You gotta love what you do . . .

Alex, a 10-year veteran with NPL says, “I really like and understand the work. Since I really like what I do, I put my heart into it and my guys see that.”

Teamwork . . . Everyone has a critical role.

Alex also believes that a key role for foremen is to be “open minded” to suggestions by the team.

“Sometimes, someone in my crew will have a better idea for execution and we’ll use it.

“Listening to my peers and co-workers,” he continues, “has been a huge part of my success.”

A Rewarding sense of Accomplishment . . .

“Finishing the job,” is a favorite with Alex, “Especially if it’s a really tough job . . . there’s a greater sense of accomplishment . . . it’s nice to know that when you’re consistent with quality work, it gets noticed.”

That’s the sort of work ethic that allows NPL to keep its industry-leading reputation of getting the job done with the utmost in safety and quality.

Working with friends . . .

Mark, a 25-year veteran, says he loves the company and his job because he loves the people around him.

“The camaraderie that comes with working with other people in a hard-working environment is really what has made my career so enjoyable.”

Help is always available . . .

At NPL, it’s clear that the company wants its people to succeed, says Lee, a distinguished foreman. “If you need help here, it doesn’t matter which superintendent is your boss, you can ask anyone for help and you’ll get it. It’s a priority to make sure that NPL’s best interests are being met as well as the client’s.”

We appreciate such comments. A hard-working, successful employee provides our customers great value. And so, we give our people the training, tools and time to get the job done.

Given freedom to do you’re job . . .

NPL doesn’t put unrealistic expectations on people, explains Fred, eight years with the company. And, he uses that principle with his crew: “I give them time to do a good job. I don’t push them beyond reason. We need to get the job done right the first time so that we don’t have to go back and fix any problems later.”

New equipment . . .

“We always have nice equipment. We get new equipment whenever it’s needed. NPL gives us all the tools we need to get the job done right.”

Work smart . . .

John, a five-year veteran, tasks his crew to “work smart. If you do the job right the first time, you don’t have to go back and fix it or do it again later.” Wanting his crewmembers to go far in NPL, he gives them the advice they’ll need to be most successful in the least amount of time.

Learn to earn . . .

Self-motivated is how Jose describes himself. With NPL for 19 years, he says he’s absorbed the NPL culture and finds it a “good fit. I am always setting goals, then trying to achieve them. I also give my crew a set mark to reach. When they do well, I encourage them to keep moving forward; to do more. Also, when I have things lined up this way, it helps the crew get motivated for the week and also for the completion of the job as a whole.”

Like his employer, Jose also enjoys the challenge of problem solving.

Describing the “mental aspect” as his favorite part of the job, Jose says his career has been filled with an everyday challenge he enjoys because “my job is never a boring, monotonous routine.”

Here’s what other foremen have to say about life (and success) at NPL:

New challenges are key for Daniel, a five-year employee. “There are new challenges constantly,” he says. “With new jobs, there is always something different, always a new obstacle to learn from . . . and I get to be outdoors most of the day. That’s why I love my job.”

A positive environment is the goal of James, who says he works to keep his crew as safe as possible. “I emphasize safety and looking out for one another. My crewmembers are free to ask questions . . . it’s better to ask questions and have them answered clearly. That way, the job is done right the first time.”

Like NPL, a “customer first” mindset is also a factor with James’ success. “Every job we do, we strive to make sure the customer has received the best service imaginable.”

Communication is a factor for Cesar. “You must treat people well and communicate.” He explains every job to his crew in detail so that “when something needs to be done, anyone can do it, safely and with the quality that’s expected.”

Challenge is also key. To be successful, he says, “you must challenge yourself constantly, and never leave a job undone . . . I continually do only the best I can, and a job that is started must be finished.”

Fun is critical, too. “We have fun everyday – we joke while working” explains Cesar. That lightens the load, as “we just keep going, and we can keep going because we have fun doing our work.”

Jessie agrees that fun is a way of life at NPL. To set the tone, he’s embraced NPL’s culture over the last five years, crediting the company’s environment for excellent work that “seems to get done even quicker than it would otherwise” and for where “it’s a pleasure to come to work everyday and not a dread.”

Learning is a basis for the success of Angel, an employee of 11 years. “I can learn a lot here about gas-pipeline construction – welding; pipefitting; operating a backhoe. It’s exciting.”

He then teaches his crew “to have respect for the work and to enjoy the work. I want them to see that it is easier to get the most work done when you’re enjoying it.”

Responsibility is valued by Clarke, 15 years with NPL. He favors the environment in which “You make your own decisions – choosing how to get things done most effectively. It’s really nice to have that responsibility and I enjoy it.”

He also gives credit where credit is due: “I’ve had excellent crews that let me do what I’ve done, so I’d like to give them the honor.”